Mi Vida LOCA

About Me

This is an imageWhile other kids were preparing for their SAT's in high school I was busy saving money and getting my Visa, passport and Eurail Pass together.

I graduated early to live out my dream of studying art in Europe for 1 year. Leaving New Jersey at 18 with a backpack and guitar I started in Spain and then made my way through France, Italy, Germany, Sweden & Greece. Among my many adventures was getting a job renovating a 19th century farm house in Piedmont Italy where I lived for 3 months!

After attending Ducret School for the Arts I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA in Fine Arts and History.

I began as a decorative painter in 1998 taking classes with Dean Sickler at Dundean Studios and assisted some very talented people in the NY area before going out on my own.

In 2000 a faux bois (faux wood grain) project I was assisting on was featured on Oprah

I am a Parade of Homes winner

My fine art decorative tiles were featured in Bliss Magazine

In 2003 a book cover I designed for novelist Lindsay Ahl was published by Coffee House Press
Desire by Lindsay Ahl on Amazon.

I am also a musician and composer and have recorded with Grammy winner John Carlini, Emmy winner Richard Reiter and musicians from around the world.